TMJ Disorder: Explaining Some Vital Points to Comfort your Pain

A TMJ disorder is a major problem that prevents you from having a stable bite and a proper occlusion. When you are suffering from a TMJ syndrome, the joint that connect your upper and lower jaw is misaligned. This misalignment can cause pain in your jaw, face, neck, and shoulders. Dentist Rockville Maryland changes the terms TMJ therapy or TMJ treatment interchangeably, that includes various preferences. On the first level, the treatment aims at pain relief by applying mouth guards or dental splints. In the next level, bite therapy principles are used to pinpoint the cause of the misalignment. There are TMJ treatment options you can select from to restore the alignment of your upper and lower jaw.


Some Measures to Relieve your Pain:

• Mouth Guards:- Mouth guards and splints are the first line of defense for those who suffer from TMJ. A mouth guard will immediately prevent further damage to the teeth allowing you time to sort out a treatment that will stop your nighttime teeth grinding.

• Anesthetics: -Along with muscle relaxers, anesthetics are used to help severe cases of TMJ. They are often injected near the jaw to help reduce pain.

• Relaxation Exercises:- Stress is one of the leading causes of nighttime teeth grinding. To help reduce stress and get a good night’s sleep, you should try to eliminate the use of tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol in the evening.

• Jaw Strengthening Exercises:- Jaw exercise programs are one of the best ways to eliminate the pain and damage of TMJ Rockville. TMJ is sometimes caused by one side of the jaw being weaker than the other is that creates stress and pulls the jaw out of alignment. Jaw exercises strengthen and stretch the jaw and help it relax during the night.


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